project FACE Hérault


I had the privilege of working with four of my colleagues on the reforging of the FACE HERAULT* website.

First project as apprentice developer, we had to realize a wordpress website, Personally, I had never opened a WordPress, and instead of using an existing theme, I chalenged myself to create a custom theme. I was not trying to reinvent the wheel, but what is the point of be developer if this is not to develop ?

After some testes and error, the structure takes place, and thanks to Fanny who took charge of the UX /UI and the team who answer the call when there was need. I was able to concentrate on the code and run the mysteries of wordpress. The project coming to this end and should be online in March.

On this project I learned a lot of course, WordPress and first approach of the design patterns among other, but especially on the devlopper job, what is expected , where to deploy the energy to deliver in time, go to the essential then, come back on the details. Fail as quickly as possible and learn from it . Always be listening with an eye on the finish line.

For their work and support I thanks my team here: Isabelle FOLLADOR, Robin RAMEL, Malik KHELFA and a special thank to my partner Fanny MULET.

* FACE HERAULT is the Hérault operational structure for the Foundation Agir Against Exclusion, created in 1993 by thirteen major French economic groups huddle on the initiative of Martine Aubry, whose objective was mobilize companies to promote the Social innovation and actively support local initiatives for fight the exclusion.



Whit the involvement of TabMo and is CTO Loïc TALON on part of my training program , I had the chance to have a coach in the person of Anastasia LIEVA. From our first meeting she challenged me on the D3.js and the Dataviz, leaving me 3 weeks on top of my regulare schedule to prepare a talk for a Big Data Meetup, goal achieved !

I based the argumentation of my presentation on what is the Dataviz, his utility for what, who and the final objectives ; through concrete examples made with the D3.js library and the data of "the Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time" .

This project led me to realize how important the data is. This is the first thing that counts, its origin, the processing, its goal ! In wich purpose.

I encountered an exciting discipline which was so far unknown to me, I am far from being an expert but I work on it.

But what I also withdraw from this project, is meeting of very supportive people in the person of Anastasia, and also many others from TabMo.

Platform RSE


Creation of an e-platform for companies wishing to make sustainable purchases and companies providing asset and service and who fits into the process of the CRS*

Project led by the CCI of Montpellier, which combines the talented students of MOMA, MBS, Polytech Montpellier and UpTO.

In charge of the desktop back-end in pair programming with my colleague Émeline GATTY. Project underway the development is on Laravel.

The platform allows to match different actor based on the demands and offers, with an administrator monitoring.

This project is interesting from a technical point of view and links strong notion of ethics with the involvement of CRS.

Comics E-commerce


Exercise of creating an e-commerce platform, connected to the marvel API

Based first places, on the basket manipulation, the exercise can be twisted as you wish.

Ideal playground for experimentation, I work it with Angular 2 [ Thank you Anastasia ;) ] and some other sweets tricks.

Here I confess in my youth having been a collector and big fan of Marvel comics ... Ok, maybe, sometimes, I still read them

Excelsior :)

Kids Code


" An alleged scientific discovery has no merit unless it can be explained to a barmaid. " << Lord Rutherford of Nelson

I don't know if he really said that, but I can relate on it.

I have had the privilege and the honor to participate in various events such as Hour of Code, TEKNIK Project ... to exchange on code with young audiences. I am currently working on a program to bring the code into Media Libraries, as a punctual activity at first.

The first event will take place on April 12 at the W.Shakespeare Media Library.